We have to start the year with what every colour enthusiast, stylist, decorator, textile lover wants to know! What’s the Pantone colour of the year!! As we all wait with anticipation every year, we can declare the release of 2018 Pantone® Colour of the Year for 2018 is Ultra Violet. So we hope you like purple!

Every year Pantone® chooses a colour that that reflects current fashions and cultures of today and sets trends for the year ahead. They choose a colour in the hope that it inspires creatives and designers. Well is certainly inspires us textile lovers here at Simmons Linen Hire.
We take the opportunity to bring together colour palettes that will inspire all the creatives and stylists out there in the events, interiors and decorative industries.
We love the futuristic thought process that Pantone Ultaviolet emulates.

With various shades of blue based purples taking us to imaginary places of mystical skies, starry nights, and mindfulness. While it can also be bold and upfront.

The quote below sums it up “Lights the way to what is yet to come”

Be creative and bolder in 2018, take your imagination further than the safer colour palettes, be the futuristic one. Be inspired by colour and connect it with your creative world.